Good points.

Here are two counters:

1) This isn’t just “intentional deception regarding integration for monetary gain” but rather also an apparently deliberate attempt to kill, disable, and sterilize particular ethnic groups, particularly Europeans.


2) It will be difficult to show genomic integration of the spike or any other DNA sequence (like SV40 promoters) encoded or included in the shots was intentional because the perpetrators will say they didn’t know this was possible (thus intent falls to simple negligence) or that plasmid DNA found in the shots is accidental “contamination” (Keven McKernan is saying this) instead of deliberate inclusion.

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Amazing work. God bless.

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Thank you.

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Sage Hana's Pinto gas tank reference comes to mind.

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Outside of my legal box reading ability to provide constructive feedback, but thank you.

Maybe collaborate with Children's Health Defense? Kim is a friend -Kim.mackrosenberg@childrenshealthdefense.org

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this is an excellent article and directly compliments and adds to my recently published article in IJVTPR:

The Canaries in the Human DNA Mine


my contact email is shown at the top of the article

we have also commenced legal proceedings here in Australia challenging Pfizer and Moderna on the basis their C19 products are GMOs, which required exhaustive Risk Assessments prior to being able to be considered for provisional approval .. now with the known DNA contamination that approval would never have been granted

some case details here: https://amps.redunion.com.au/australian-court-covid19-drugs-gmo-pfizer-moderna-law

Julian Gillespie

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The judiciary is the first line of defense which forms an impenetrable ring around the perpetrators. It doesn't matter how water tight your case is, until the corrupt magistrates are taken down no substantial progress can or will be made.

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Tikkun is a phase in a myth of creation where vases containing creation are shattered and in the Tikkun phase, are put together again more beautifully than before. That is Tikkun. Putting something shattered together more beautifully than before is the same as "building back better". So, by propagating "BBB" through ecrty Outlet simultaneously, they were propagating that Tikkun concept worldwide. It's identical.

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